What lounge options do we have at Brisbane when flying with EVA and travelling with kids?

We’re heading to Japan in December with kids, leaving from Brisbane. We arrive at domestic earlier in the day on Virgin and leave international about 10:30 on EVA.

What lounge options do we have? We looked at some reviews on Plaza Premium access and it doesn’t look good & would be about $240 for 2 adults 2 kids (unless we find some discount codes)
We’re considering booking a room at a similar price, possibly the Ibis across from the demestic airport.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

I definitely wouldn’t splurge $240 on a lounge. Kids will probably find it pretty boring just sitting in a glorified sitting room for the day, and it’s not great value if you can’t drink.

Depends on how much time you have in Brisbane, but why not make a mini trip out of it? If it is all on one booking, and you could check your luggage through to your destination, then its just a short cab ride to the city and you can have a walk of the botanic gardens or go to a beach or something similar before an overnight flight. It would work out cheaper than going into a lounge and you can get real laksa in the city rather than the lounge “laksa”.

To answer your question though, there is another lounge called Aspire lounge but pricing is pretty similar. Otherwise, only Star Alliance Gold status would get you into the Singapore Airlines lounge there.

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