What is the transfer rate of NAB rewards program to Velocity Frequent Flyer Program?

Hi Guys, I was very disappointed when I heard NAB was getting rid of AMEX as we earn most of our Velocity points with this card. Today I found out they have set up their own reward store and have new Visa cards available with good earn rates. You can also transfer the points to Velocity. However I have just read the Terms and Conditions and searched the NAB rewards store and can’t find the actual transfer rate from NAB reward points to Velocity reward points. Does anybody know what this figure is?

The rate is 2:1, that is 2 reward points = 1 Velocity point


Thanks very much for that. I’ll have to do some number crunching to work out whether to it’s worth bothering with, I guess it would be worth having if they waive the annual fee for us. Our AMEX/VISA cards were free with our package, it’s always worth asking.

I think we might get the AMEX platinum express card as well.