What is the next best use of Amex rewards points besides flights?

Aside from redeeming Amex points for flights/travel, what would the next best use of the points be?

My partner signed up for the Amex Explorer card a few months ago for the bonus points and we’ve redeemed them (in addition to another bonus sign up) for J seats with SQ for a trip early next year so we’ll most likely be cancelling the card shortly after.

We have 50k reward points sitting in the account now, however at this stage we don’t really have any plans to travel any time soon

Would love to hear some thoughts!
Thank you :blush:

You could transfer to Velocity as there is a transfer bonus this month. Point don’t expire as long as you earn or redeem points every 24 mths.

Otherwise, pts can be transferred to hotel programs to redeem for when hotel rack rates are high (expensive locations or peak periods).

Failing that giftcards or cashback (_ cringe)? In saying that I used to do giftcards before learning about pointhacks.

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