What is the new transfer rate for Citi credit card rewards program?

I just got an email from Citibank saying they are changing the number of points we will need to transfer across to airlines but of course they don’t say what the new rates are as of 14 October. Can anyone enlighten me?


The newly updated article did not mention a change in transfer rate. Only the minimum points required to be transferred has changed.



Citi rewards transfer rate

You can look at Citirewards web site which shows that you need 2.5 points to get one velocity point. So the incentive shown in the article of a maximum of 310,000 points over 20 months minimum spend of $1,000 monthly plus a linked Diners Card now only converts to 124,000 velocity points. But it shows 3 points for a Krisflyer mile which would be 103,333 Krismiles which other than for the 3 year usage restriction is better value than converting from Velocity which would give you only 91,852.

Maybe the website is wrong?