What is the maximum number of credit cards one can apply from Citigroup per year?

hi guys i have seen a few people say citibank/citigroup whatever it’s called will not even entertain more than 5 cards/enquiries per year.

Can someone confirm this and which banks or lenders fall within this scope?

I think they include: coles, woolworths(?), citibank, qantas, virgin(?) etc

thank you

Hi ollie,

Citi runs most of the non bank/amex affiliated cards. As you have mentioned, think Coles, Woolworths, Virgin Money, Qantas - all not financial institutions.

I have heard of Chase cards in US implementing a 5/24 rule, which means no more than 5 Chase cards in 24 mths. Citi in US has a 24 mth per card rule.

In Australia, I have heard of having to wait 5-9 mths between Citi applications. Nothing official, just word from forums and websites.

Hope that helps.

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