What is the fastest way for periodic payments to an Amex card to clear?

Hi! Just wondering what the fastest payment method is to pay down an AMEX credit card? BPay is fairly quick but still takes over 24 hours for me, sometimes 48+ hours when sent on a Friday. Just wondering if there is a more immediate option?
BTW, I don’t mean paying off the monthly credit card bill, I mean sending regular payments throughout the billing cycle to allow my business to spend more throughout the month.


Hi neruson,

I’m no expert on this but you might like to check out Osko. I’d never heard of it until someone used it to transfer money into my bank account a few days ago, and payment was literally instantaneous even though it was after-hours. If AmEx accepts Osko, you might just be in luck.


In my experience, the quickest way for funds to replenish an Amex card balance is paying via the Amex site after logging in. This is via the bank account that is linked to the Amex account. I am of course assuming that this might be the same for a business and personal Amex account (as I don’t have a business account).

However, you can only make the payment via this way every 2-3 days.

If you want something that can be set and forget, you could do a scheduled Bpay payment e.g. 3 times a month. However, Bpay would take time as you have correction said in the original post.

I do not know why this is marked as solved. I cannot see any way of using Osko to pay American Express

You can pay by PayID which works by Osko instant transfer.


I use Osko as AMEX now offers personalized OSKO email addresses. Still takes 24-48 hours to land in the Amex Ledger. Quite frustrating.

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