What is the current best Velocity points-earning credit card?

I have a velocity rewards account and am looking to get a new credit card (preferably a business card for my business). What is the best credit you would suggest that would give me the best rewards for my velocity account?

There is a lack of business cards for earning ONLY velocity points with the AMEX Velocity business as your only option earning you 1 point per dollar. I would actually recommend going with Qantas in this case. The Qantas Business Rewards Card earns 1.25 Qantas points per dollar, 2 points on qantas and triple points on flights booked for you and your company.

If you must go with Velocity, I would recommend the AMEX Business Platnium which earns 2.25 AMEX points which can be converted to 1.125 points per dollar spent. I like the flexibility of the AMEX points which you could transfer to other partners other than velocity. There is also the AMEX Business Explorer which still earns the equivalent of 1 velocity point per dollar but has the flexibility to transfer to other programs as well.

Unfortunately, advice on the best credit card is a form of financial advice, which is not allowed on this website. Please consult the Master Credit Card Table for the best earn rate for each type of points.

Also check out https://www.pointhacks.com.au/business/