What is the best way to optimise usage of Citibank Reward points?

Hi all, I have accumulated around 1 million Citibank Reward points and want to put them to good use. We love to travel so I guess my question is how to convert them to take full advantage. I’ve had a look at Citi’s offerings and not all that excited. We are off to South Africa soon flying Singapore. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Cheers, Wayne

Hi @wayneffcc, if your Citi points are from a Signature of Prestige card, 1m pts should transfer to 500k Velocity, Krisflyer or Asia Miles points/miles. Which should give you quite a variety of options.

Without a doubt, it is a general theme on the website that the best use of points is usually on business or first class flights. 500k pts should give you roughly enough points to fly 2 person to Europe or USA in Business return. You may need 600k to be safe. All depends what destination you want to go to and what airlines you want to travel on. Use Krisflyer for Star Alliance airlines and Asia Miles for oneworld airlines. Velocity has a list of airline partners too.

Good luck.

Thanks - my CC is a Rewards Platinum - its been accumulating for 25+ years with none ever claimed.
Will look into converting them (getting too old for cattle class :slight_smile:

With that amount of points balance, I believe you can get 500k velocity points or 400k Singapore Krisflyer points.
I always find great value in redeeming for round-the-world trips. You need 240k Krisflyer points to fly round the world in business class allowing you to experience leading airlines the singapore, turkish, ana, etc around the world. You can also splurge for a first class round the world trip for 360k per person letting you fly Lufthansa first class, Singapore Suites, ANA first, etc. Or, if you want to bring a companion, consider economy round the world for 180k per person.

Otherwise, redeeming for business class or first class flights is still a fine way to use your points. Just depends on what airline products you want to fly! Plus, you can never go wrong with your redemptions. You would at least get $4000 out of your hard earned points if you redeemed in the worst way possible by using them for cashback on your purchases!