What is the best way to earn 126 Velocity status points in the next 7 days from Melbourne?

VA Gold Member since 2017.
Due to COVID and work-related changes, I’ve barely flown in the last 3 years.
Gold Status has been extended by VA.
Based in MEL.
I have interstate and international trips coming up just after my review date (2nd June).

I require 126 SC.

Any creative suggestions on how to knock this off outside of business-class return MEL to BNE one day next week?

$1250ish MEL-SYD-BNE with SYD-BNE and BNE-MEL in Business.

(I did look at How best to re-qualify for Velocity Gold? but would love to keep Gold Status for upcoming interstate and international travel)

Melbourne to Cairns (via Brisbane, not Sydney) will net you 160SC in business class for $750+. Fly back to Melbourne via the cheapest means available.

Edit: Missed the 7 days bit, in which case prices seem to be around $815 mark.

I’d be looking up all of Virgin’s Queensland destinations (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Proserpine, Hamilton Island, Townsville, Cairns etc) and seeing what’s available in Business at a relatively cheap price.

But also be aware that your status benefits will last for a month after your review date. So if your interstate and international trips are within a month of 2 June, you should still be able to access your Gold benefits.

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That flight to Cairns is the best $/SC I can see (approx $4.80/SC).

No afternoon VA flights so I’ll need to JQ back to BNE and then back to MEL.

Thank you for the tips and suggestions.


Booked J class all the way through MEL - BNE - CNS - should be 2 x 80 SC (160)

Arrive at BNE and handed a Y class boarding pass for the BNE - CNS leg of the flight…should I expect to be downgraded to 25 SC?

If your original booking was business, you should be able to request original routing credit (i.e. get the same status credits as before in your intended itinerary).

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Results are in:
Virgin Australia
31 May 23 - VA0309, Melbourne (Tullamarine)-Brisbane, Virgin Australia
2 days ago +3,374 Points +80 Status Credits +1 Eligible Sectors
Virgin Australia
31 May 23 - VA0781, Brisbane-Cairns, Virgin Australia
2 days ago +3,353 Points +35 Status Credits +1 Eligible Sectors

Not the best experience to fly Y through to Cairns (instead of J). No food & beverage were available for the trip as I didn’t have a physical card on me. No in-flight entertainment system as the replacement plane was “too old” for onboard wifi.

Called and wrote to Velocity and Virgin Australia around the BNE-CNS economy seat on a business ticket.

VA initial response that I would receive refund for the difference in fare between Business and Economy for BNE-CNS leg.

Velocity response that they would credit the additional 45 SC and to my account.

VA then wrote back and advised that they would not go ahead with the refund:

“ Whilst our staff do their best to allocate you the same or similar seat when re-accommodating you on another flight, due to a number of factors such as existing capacity on the new flight, this isn’t always possible. It is for this reason that we outline in our Conditions of Carriage, that we do not guarantee that you will be seated in a particular seat even if you have paid for it.”

I understand that they can choose to fly me in Y if no J class available, but surely they can’t sell a J class ticket and deliver a Y class product without any acknowledgment on their part (outside of an apology)?

Seems very strange.

The agent is incorrect. According to Virgin’s own compensation policy here (see Question 6):

  1. What happens if VA downgrades me from the cabin class I originally purchased?

You are entitled to request compensation if we need to downgrade you to a lower cabin class. In these circumstances, we will provide you with a refund of the fare difference between your original cabin class and the lower cabin class or other appropriate compensation. You can submit your request for compensation to our Guest Contact Centre or your travel agent.

Note though this is likely going to mean the fare difference between your business fare and the flexible economy fare (not the lowest economy fare) on the day of travel, which means the fare difference would be quite a bit lower than if you were to book economy from the outset.