How best to re-qualify for Velocity Gold?

Hi all,

I’m looking for advice on re-qualifying for Velocity Gold. I’m currently Gold with a review date at end of June’23 (next month). I’m roughly 120 SCs and 2 eligible sectors short of re-qualifying. OTOH, my most recent SCs earn (not counting those for the original Gold qualification) was early this year so they won’t expire until Jan/Feb’24.

The straightforward answer is to fly domestic in business class (Sydney to Hobart or Cairns, with a stopover) in June’23. However, I’m wondering if I can let the Gold lapse, i.e. soft-landing into Silver, and do a SC run later this year to re-qualify into Gold. Would that work? The only issue I can think of is the 500 SCs required (instead of 400 SCs). Is there anything else to be aware of?

Kind regards.

Seems like a fine plan to me. If you don’t need Gold benefits, then there isn’t any shame in holding on to Silver for now. You can always requalify at a later date with cheaper fares if you like (maybe even a cheeky double status credit promotion).