What is the best value redemption for Amex Membership Rewards points (New Zealand program)?

I have approx 150,000 Membership Rewards points that I’m looking to redeem. I’m curious as to the best value ways to redeem them - special offers don’t seem to crop up in New Zealand very often.

The standard redemption I can do is vouchers (supermarket, flight center, etc) for $16k points per $100 of vouchers. So I’d get about $900 worth of vouchers.

Are there any more exciting ways for me to redeem these? Perhaps transfer to an airline partner where I could redeem for more than $900 worth of flights?

As a general rule, converting your AmEx points to Frequent Flyer points and using those points to redeem flight rewards in premium cabins (eg. Business class) will get you the most value for points.

Your 150,000 AmEx points will get you 75,000 FF points in most programmes. On Singapore Airlines, for example, those 75,000 points will get you a return business class ticket to Australia (with points to spare) and a one-way business-class ticket to much of Asia – and you’d be just about within reach of Africa, the Middle-East and Turkey as well. Each of those flights would cost you more than $900.

The bottom line, though, is that you should use your points for something that is of value to you.

Hope this helps!