What is the best credit card to earn points to redeem on flight to Europe from Australia?

I want to go to Europe late this year. I would LOVE to try premium economy for at least one leg of the journey and hoping to use some points to do this. My current card earns Velocity points which can only be used for Singapore Airs Kris Flyer program. If i stop over in Asia that will work. But what about if i want to go through Dubai with Emirates etc. Which credit card would you apply for if you would put about $35,000 on that card in the next few months? Or is that a ridiculously small amount of money to expect any real points of value?

Assuming you get a credit card which earns 1 Qantas point per dollar, your $35,000 spend will only earn 35,000 Qantas points.

One way in Emirates economy from Sydney to Dubai already costs 50,300 Qantas points + $342 cash.

Something to consider.

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If your personal financial circumstances allow you to, signup bonuses will give you a quick point balance boost.

Depending on how much your current point balance is, you might want to focus on supplementing what you already have or starting from scratch. A 100k points signup bonus will give you an “easy” and quick boost. To put it in perspective, you would need to spend ~$100,000 to earn roughly 100k points.

Another point worth noting is not every airline/aircraft has premium economy seats. The Xmas / New Year period is also peak period - challenging to find award seats.

If you want to fly Emirates, get Qantas earning cards. Velocity points can be used on Qatar Airways and Etihad too if you are after Europe.

Good luck.

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