What is the best card for earning Velocity points/Krisflyer miles for a business owner?

hey guys

so i own a business on side. but im looking at reovating my house with purchasing ranging from 5k-80k with a total spend of around 250-400k. im looking for the best rewards. amex doesnt really appeal to me as alot of places dont acccept it.

any thoughts or ideas


If you have a business, you may be eligible for business credit cards in addition to consumer ones. Maybe have a look if they suit for your purposes too. We can’t provide specific credit card recommendations.

Hi Kaige
Currently Velocity is offering a Amex business card that awards 200,000 Velocity points.
Surprisingly I have found Amex quite widely accepted now, but do check.
ANZ has a Rewards card with a welcome bonus of 90,000 Velocity Points or 60,000 Krisflyer miles (after conversion). Check which other banks have a welcome bonus, these are 2 suggestions.
Let us know which card you decided to go with.