What is a good Velocity earning card with $5,000 or less credit limit?

Hi, what credit card would points hack members suggest to maximize velocity points but with the caveat of a limit under $5k?

The American Express Essential, Explorer and Platinum Edge all have a minimum credit limit of 2k-3k. All the other cards I’ve looked at have at least a 6k limit so I would say those are your options.
Of those 3, the Platinum Edge earns more on supermarket spend, Explorer earns more on everyday spend and the essential earns the least but has no annual fee.


The Coles Rewards Mastercard is also a very good option. It earns Flybuys points but these convert to Velocity at an effective rate of about 1 Velocity point per dollar (if you transfer during a Velocity extra 15% promotion). This is a greater points earning rate than the AmEx Essential and Platinum Edge (unless you’re spending at supermarkets and petrol stations).

The Coles Mastercard has an extremely low annual fee for a rewards card ($99) and, unlike American Express, does not charge overseas transaction fees (and the exchange rates are, in my experience, excellent).


The only downside I’d say for “Flybuys earning card” is the cap of 138K (If I remember correctly) per year transfer to Velocity.

I earned last year almost 200K all up Flybuys and couldn’t transfer it all to velocity on that specific year.

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