What is a good replacement card for Citibank Prestige post devaluation?

Given the (arguable) prior rating of Citibank Prestige as one of THE cards to have, and in line with upcoming reductions in both point earn rates and conversions, does anyone have any opinions as to what the best replacement stock card is?
I am seeing my points earn is going to drop substantially, but not sure I can locate anything else that is much more favourable.
Not sure Keith if you can do a review on this, over various types of spend and international vs domestic.

We will try and round up some of the best earning cards in coming weeks given that most banks have now shown their hand with the latest round of changes. Stay tuned.

This site cannot give individual financial advice including what cards best suit you as a replacement for the prestige.

you would need to consider what your points prefer program is, and if point earning on other cards with lower annual fees is worth it to you. as well as other bonuses offered by other cards like lounge passes etc

I think the prestige is the 2nd most expensive card on the Australlian market, 2nd to Amex charge card.