What is a good replacement card for Amex Explorer since devaluation?

Hi All, I am looking to change my amex explorer to another card to continue to earn FF points. I am currently using Asiamiles but will be using all of my points on a trip so I have no issue starting another ff program.
What I am looking for, ideally is a card with good earning potential, introduction bonus points and year one for free. I have seen in the past that the Westpac Altitude Black offers up to 120k bonus points and I have seen on other forums, ozbargain, that they have done the first year free in the past.

If anyone has any suggestions to help me out my card is about to hit it’s anniversary so I will be paying the $395 annual fee. So time is of the essence.

I look forward to your informed suggestions.



Westpac devalued its points to the insane 3 points = 1 mile back in late last year, which means that even 120,000 bonus points only net you 40,000 miles. Only enough for one-way economy to SIN (KrisFlyer)
I’d say Amex Explorer is a good card worth retaining, considering how bad the competitors is.

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thanks for the info mate, I was hoping there would be a new offer before my anniversary.

What should my next card be?

Only you can answer that! Your situation is unique, your spending habits are unique, your income/cashflow/debt situation is unique, and you’d be unwise (if not foolish) to rely on the advice of anyone who doesn’t know your own financial situation, and who is not your financial advisor. However, this page should help.

check out this website, it has all the latest credit card offers.