What happens to travel insurance from Amex credit card if changing Amex cards?

Hi all,

New to this business. I have had an Amex Platinum Edge which I have had for a few years and really liked, but thinking of changing to the Qantas Amex Ultimate to stick to one reward scheme. Question is - if I change cards, I know I won’t be eligible for the 100k point sign on bonus, but will my travel insurance for a holiday already booked and insurance for products purchased still remain?

Hi javabeau,

I don’t believe the travel insurance will remain valid if you cancel the card. You will have to confirm with Amex or read the pds carefully.

If you are not after the signup bonus, it might be worthwhile asking Amex for a product swap (i.e. changing cards). Maybe that will help on the travel insurance front.

The PDS says that the account has to be open when you make a claim.

IF the insurance company is the same on both products, and you transfer the account, instead of close and apply new, the Insurer will probably accept a claim.  The bad news is, that if I am wrong, you cant sue me!

You would be better off contacting the insurer, and asking them.