What happens if you met the minimum spend for bonus points, but then those purchases are refunded before the points are awarded?

I met the minimum spend for a NAB Qantas Rewards Signature card to get 90,000 QFF points by paying for holiday accomodation, then Coronavirus hit and I had to cancel, and all those payments were refunded back to the card. I’ve yet to receive the bonus points. Does my spend still count? Or will they see the spend was refunded and it won’t count?

That’s going to be a tricky one to answer correctly. Usually, the way how I think these systems were setup (not very intelligent) will only look at your qualifying period and qualifying spend. If you don’t meet the spend during the period, it usually means no bonus points.
You could call them and plead your case, but having dealt with NAB before, I don’t like your chances - in fairness this will be mostly the same for all banks.

Try to escalate to a manager when you call and try your best/luck.

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Thanks Warren. I’ve decided I’m not going to risk it for 90,000 points. I’ve got plenty of time to meet the minimum spend again, so I’m just going to start again. Graham.

I definitely agree that will be the best/safest course of action. Glad you have enough time.