What does "n/k" stands for in the ATO column of the Point Hacks Credit Card Table?

Hi all,

I am wanting to evaluate the benefit of ATO payments for selecting a credit card. In the credit card table, it shows ‘n/k’, then various numbers with x (i take it these are fairly self explanatory), and then there is nothing noted at all.

What does ‘n/k’ stand for?

If there is nothing at all does that mean you cannot make ATO payments with that card?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Skafhold,

I would hazard a guess. N/K is an acronym for ‘not known’.

I would assume blank means no points counted towards this sort of spending.

I have yet to see a payment system that discriminates payments from different ccard provider. Most I have seen is just ccard systems (visa, master, amex,etc.)

Does anyone know how up to date the table is with ATO payments earnings?

Online I seem to find that St George does not consider ATO payments an eligible transaction, however, the table shows that points can be earned for these payments.

Can anyone clarify?

n/k does = not known. It not known, it means I have heard from someone with first-hand experience with this card.

Blank = no points awarded. I’ll add a none or ‘0’ to ensure this is clearer.

St. George - I have had someone report that ATO does pay out on the Signature Visa. Where online with St. George have you seen otherwise? I’d be interested to see it.

ATO earning in the table are always subject to change, and as up to date as I can get them.