What does eligible purchases mean when qualifying for minimum spend for signup bonus?

Hi, I recently signed up for the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Credit Card about two months ago and its says that if I “Spend $500 on eligible purchases (that’s your everyday spend, with some exclusions) in the first three months from approval and you’ll enjoy 40,000 bonus Velocity Points”.
I did check the ANZ booklet on these eligible purchases but am not clear on what they actually are. Can someone please explain them to me?
Thank you

Any everyday spend such as Woolworth groceries, Coles Express fuel, BP fuel, coffee at the cafe, Maccas, paying for parking, paying for take away, Myer, David Jones, Target, JB Hifi, toll, Dominos, KFC, etc.

Most everyday spend is eligible.

Things that aren’t include cash advance, cash withdrawal, to name a few.