What credit cards are good for international spend?


I am planning to go to the UK in June and was wondering whether there are any credit cards available with little/no transaction or forex fees on each purchase? Or is it best to use a prepaid travel card?


Hi @apatel898

My credit card of choice when I’m overseas is the Coles Rewards Mastercard, which has no overseas transaction fees. It also has a low annual fee and pretty good points earning capacity.

Personally I don’t think prepaid travel cards are worth the effort, but they might be of use if you need them to help stick to your budget.

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I personally like to use my ING Orange Everyday Debit for international stuff. Once you meet the transaction requirements, they rebate any FOREX fees back to your account. Haven’t had any issues with it. Just another option if you don’t want to go credit (and I personally didn’t apply for the Coles Mastercard). I could live with not earning points for the week that I’m abroad!

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Thanks for the tips guys! Much appreciated.