What credit card do you recommend to earn Krisflyer miles and Air New Zealand dollars?

I fly internationally about 3 or 4 times a year. One is normally a big trip to Europe or Asia and the other times are to New Zealand. I might also fly within New Zealand once a year (on Jetstar or Air NZ).

My points programs are with Singapore Airlines and Air NZ.

I also fly domestically a few times a year and my points programs are with Qantas and Velocity. I mostly fly Jetstar and Virgin when flying domestically.

I have never spent a lot of time trying to get the most points where possible but I want to change that. I do use the KrisFlyerSpree where possible.

I hate credit cards and only have one of them – a NAB low rate visa which really doesn’t do anything for me at all. I have a $7,500 limit. In fact, the only reason I have this credit card is because I was in NZ once and my other bank was down and I couldn’t pay for the hotel!

I dislike AMEX and not keen on Citibank.

My aim is to try and get more bang for buck out of a different credit card but without having to have a massive limit or pay high fees as I’m really a casual user of credit cards.

I earn $115K a year and am not a business user.

I am looking at switching over to Amplify Rewards with Bank of Melbourne or the Westpac Altitude Platinum Visa as an option.

Does anyone have thoughts on what I am trying to achieve in light of my parameters and travelling lifestyle.

Firstly, let’s address some of your concerns with Credit Card limits, fees, and AMEX. Having a high Credit Card limit isn’t a bad thing if you know how to manage your credit and pay your balance off every month. Given your conservative usage of credit cards, I don’t think this will be a problem. Annual fees are completely fine as long as you can justify it. Also, why the concern on AMEX? They are a highly legitimate credit card issuer with some of the best credit cards on the market!

Your yearly income is quite high and so getting any credit card should be no problem. If you are looking to earn the most points on a card with no annual fee, I would suggest the AMEX Essentials. You basically earn 0.5 Krisflyer/Velocity miles per dollar and you get benefits like Smartphone screen insurance all for $0. There are a couple more options with annual fees which are quite good as well but the Westpac Platinum/BoM is certainly not the best value. I would suggest looking into the AMEX Platnium Edge, ANZ Travel Rewards Adventures Visa, etc.

Unfortunately, recommendations or advices on credit card choices are not allowed on this website as it constitutes personal financial advice and is against the website’s license to operate.