What are the income criteria for retirees applying for credit cards?

Hi Keith,
Firstly thanks for great site. I have been retired for several years, and have been an additional card holder on many cards, as we have lived off my wifes income, and she has applied for our credit cards. Now after turning 60 l have taken 2 super income streams for a total income of $70k annually. I have read in the past that banks only like to give credit cards to “employed” people, so my question is do you, or PH members know of any issues for retirees applying and being approved for sign up bonuses. My Australian Super accounts can generate a Centrelink report used for assessing income to support my application. I dont want to apply and be rejected, affecting my credit score (currently excellent). Thanks for any assistance.

Hi Zep555

Just my 2 cents worth. If you apply online you have every chance of being rejected as the data fields require inputs for such things as ‘length of service’ and ‘current employment details’ etc.

My advice is to phone the credit card issuer direct to ascertain your situation. They may require you to make a personal visit.

There was a thread on this subject here which makes an interesting read.


Best of luck.

Hi zep555. I am commenting instead of responding in hope of people who may have better responses to respond.\r\n\r\nMy 2 cents is (I’m not a qualified financial advisor): Pick a non-black card (high income requirement) to apply to test the waters. As you have not applied for a card in years. An application whether or not it is approved or rejected, shouldn’t affect your credit score too much. Again, this is coming from a non-qualified person.\r\n\r\nIf your partner is a Amex card holder, you can get her to refer you an Amex card too to earn points on both ends. Provided you have not held an Amex card in the past 18 mths.\r\n\r\nGood luck and keep us posted how you go.