What are the eligibility requirements for NAB credit cards and signup bonuses for previous cardholders?

Hi there
Does anyone have any experience claiming the 75k bonus points with nab if you’re already an existing customer? Both my husband and I have / have had NAB credit cards in the last few years. I rang NAB and the salesman gave me the impression that we’re both eligible for the bonus as we don’t have the platinum card currently. Sounds too good to be true?
Any advice? I generally thought you had to have ‘left’ a bank for 12 months before being eligible for the bonus schemes again.

Hi Tess,

I had the NAB 55-Day Interest Free VISA card up until December 2015 (closed). That was the only account I had with them, other than a UBank savings account.

I applied for the NAB Velocity card late last month and received my card a week later. Spent $1500 on the card that day and received the 75k bonus points into my Velocity account 3 weeks later.

Hope that helps!



I have so far this year had the Velocity card from NAB twice. 60K bonus pts then cancelled. Reapplied a few weeks later and received the 75K  bonus pts a few weeks ago then cancelled again yesterday. Will go for the bonus trifecta next week. There is nothing in the T&C’s about 12 month waits.