What are the eligibility criteria for Amex sign up bonuses if I currently hold a David Jones card?

Does having a David Jones Store Card, which is Amex, mean you don’t get the bonus 100000 points?
It’s the free David Jones Store card, not the other one.
Many thanks,

Hi Fourburnham,\r\nI would be very interested to know what your experience was regards the bonus 100,ooo points. I have asked Amex this question a few times and get different answers every time.\r\nTo clarifiy about your card- it is the David Jones Amex card that is black, that actually has Amex on the card?\r\n\r\nI look forward to hearing about your experience.\r\n\r\nVivian


As far as I know, you are eligible if you have only held a DJ card within the last 18 months (no Amex card in the last 18 mths).

If you want to be sure, please confirm with Amex before applying.