What are the differences between Citi Prestige Qantas and Citi Signature Qantas card?

Hi all,

I am looking at applying for a new Citi credit card. Citi has two Qantas credit cards: Citi Prestige Qantas and Citi Signature Qantas.

From what I can see the Citi Prestige has a smaller sign up bonus compared to Citi Signature (70,000 vs 150,000) and the earn rate on both cards per $ spent is almost identical. All other benefits like travel insurance and complementary wine seem to be the same with both cards.

While the Prestige card does offer unlimited lounge access and complimentary airport one-way transfer twice a year in Asia Pacific, I can’t see the justification in the extra $‭354‬ per year, especially when the first year fee is waived with the Signature card (and not the Prestige card) meaning you need to somehow find an extra $700 value in the first year.

Am I missing something?


The Citi Prestige is similiar to the AMEX Platinum which offers many benefits but at a high annual fee. I’d also note that Citi Prestige has a very high income requirement compared to the Citi Signature card.