What are the cooling periods for credit card signup bonuses eligibility?

Hi there,

I have several credit cards and I was wondering if anybody knew about when each respective banks will allow you to get a sign-up bonus again. i.e. I currently have an AMEX card and if I cancelled the card and wanted to apply for another AMEX card to receive bonus points, when would be the time to apply for a new AMEX card?

I would love to hear anybody’s experience with this and the specific time frame for all banks within Australia i.e. AMEX, Westpac, ANZ, St George, NAB, etc etc…

Ps. I always look forward to Fridays to get the weekly PointHack updates!

Is there a blackout period for sign-up bonus points with Virgin Money? \r\n\r\nThe T&C simply say: “This offer can’t be used in conjunction with other Virgin Flyer Card promotions or offers. Offer is not available to existing Virgin Money Credit Card holders (including upgrades).”\r\n\r\nI cancelled my Virgin card last month. I couldn’t find anything else to suggest I needed to sit out a waiting period… \r\n\r\nAnyone have recent churning experience?

All credit cards will mention this in the terms and conditions of the bonus points. Typically it’s 12 months, but it can be longer, and it pays to check as I’ve not had any luck in getting waiting periods waived or shortened.

Amex is 18 months, NAB and ANZ 12 months.