What are the chances of an AAdvantage linked credit card launching in Australia?

So, now that AA is flying to Australia, when are credit card companies going to issue an Aussie card that directly earns AA points? That would certainly be welcome.

don’t hold your breath on that one. United have flown to Australia for decades and still don’t offer an Australian credit card linked to their program. but there are other major airlines flying to Australia that don’t have credit cards linked to their frequent flyer program… I’m thinking British Airways and Avios. Keith may correct me on United and BA?

No United or BA cards in the market either.

The chance is very low, primarily in my view because Qantas and American have a joint venture agreement over the Australia - USA market and I would imagine that QFF would be extremely protective of their turf.

The closest you’ll get (for now) will be Amex Membership Rewards -> Starwood -> AA or Diners Club -> AA.