What are the best US airlines for red eye flight coast to coast?

Hey all,

I am wanting to know people’s experience and recommendations of flying coast to coast in USA.

Wife and I will be flying from LAX to JFK one way in August on a red eye. I know the flight is only about 5.5 hours long, but I am going to try and pick the airline which offers the best sleeping conditions. Looking to fly out of LAX at 10pm - midnight, which will put us in JFK between 7am - 9am. Perfect to maximize our time in the big apple.

We are members of QFF program, and Velocity. but with no status with either. We normally chase QFF points, but are starting to collect Velocity too. Basically what I am trying to say is I have no real alliance to any particular airline, so it doesn’t matter what carrier we pick for this particular flight.

What are people’s experiences? I have been doing a little research and I think it is a toss up between AA (Business class) or Delta (Delta One). Open to other suggestions though!



This article might be of some help.


I flew SFO-JFK last year and having experienced a few airlines on this route including AA and United, I would recommend you travel with the lesser known JetBlue. Their Mint class (Business) offers standards well above those of the other carriers.

In some cases cash paid tickets are less than other carriers are charging for coach! They do lack the convenient aspect of lounge access, however the onboard offering is extremely comfortable, free onboard (useable speed) wifi and fully flat ‘bed’ type seats.

In terms of points, if you open a SQ KrisFlyer account you can credit this flight to the SQ program which will then allow you to transfer these points across the to Velocity program!

Thanks for the answers.

Surpisingly, JetBlue Mint class is actually the most exspsenive option for the date I’m after. And the latest direct flight is at 9pm, which will get us in a little too early (5:30am-ish).

After doing a lot of research, I think Delta on the 757 is the best option.

AA cabin has 20 J seats, and only 1 lav. I’ve heard it can get rather busy on the red eye flights.

Delta 757 cabin has 16 seats, 2 lavs and is apparently newer. Oh and it has wider seats at 22inch. Compared to 18.5-19.5 on AA J. There is only a ~$10 difference in fare cost.