What are the best point earning credit card in Sweden?

I am trying to find out the best credit card frequent flyer points earning system in Sweden.

I have a friend flying from Stockholm to Australia and am trying to point him in the right direction.

Thus far the best options I have come up with is through SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) who are part of the Star Alliance. They are linked to Singapore Airlines to there is potential there. Maybe transferring SAS points to Krisflyer?

SAS have a Eurobonus credit card scheme using Mastercard.

I have also found that AMEX have cards linked to Eurobonus with the Elite card offering best points

Apparently you not only collect points on all your spending but extra bonuses. If you spend 150,000 kronor with your Premium Card within a calendar year, the points you’ve earned will get double value. And that means you can book an extra trip at 50 percent of the normal points cost.

Apparently you get at least 10 SAS EuroBonus Extra points (and up to 20 with the Elite Card) every time you spend 100 kronor with the card - plus, you get a welcome bonus when you shop for at least 10,000 kronor during the first three months of membership.

Am trying to work out if this is value added. Is it worth him going down this path? Could he book a flight from Stockholm to Aus through SAS with those points or transfer to Krisflyer.

If anybody can give me some feedback or share some knowledge on this I would be very grateful.

This site only deals with Australian credit cards.

You generally cannot transfer from ABC frequent flyer program to XYZ frequent flyer program. You can use ABC points to book XYZ flights if they are partners or in the same alliance.