What are the best alternatives to Amex Platinum Edge since flight reward was downgraded?

I like the high points earning ability (3 at Supermarket, 2 for petrol and 1 for most other things) and I loved the free domestic flight which I made good use of but now the free flight has been downgraded to just $200 flight credit with Amex travel which I find (in most cases) won’t cover the flight that I want to take (unless if I choose to fly at the crack of dawn or very late at night). OK, OK, I get that this is a first world problem but I wondered if there are any alternatives? Alternatively, has anyone received anything meaningful when complaining and threatening to go elsewhere?


AmEx has changed over the free flights for their AmEx point program to Travel Credits effective March 2017 I believe. This is true for at least 2 AmEx point earning cards that I know of.

I am not very certain but AmEx issued cards that earn Velocity points may still offer free flights. It is worth looking at.

As with all credit cards, upon speaking to the Customer Retention agent, you could voice your concerns of annual fee, etc and mention that you are considering cancelling your credit card for your specific concerns/reasons. They some times offer to waive or reduce the annual fee and/or offer some points to try and retain you as a loyal customer. Not a guarantee and your results will vary between banks and agents, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.