What are my last two Qantas Oneworld RTW itinerary segments considered as?

Hey all.
First time posting here but have been a follower for a while.

Was able to book a rewards around the world ticket last week for the first time for June / July next year.

My trip so far is as follows.

  • bne > syd (transit)
  • syd > hnd (stop over)
  • Nrt > fra (transit)
  • fra > lhr (stop over)
  • lhr > Lin (stop over)
  • fco > jfk (???)
  • lax > syd (transit)???
  • syd > bne (???)

Points were capped at 318,000 for business.

My question is; on the above itinerary.
What would the last 2 legs be classified as?

At present I’m assuming it’s a stop over but if I add segments that fly out from said airport in under 24 hours does that then turn it into a transit stop?

Would this confuse the rep when calling to add segments.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on what the last 2 legs at this stage may be classified as?

Thanks in advance.

I believe it is considered transits if your time in between flights is 24 hour; otherwise, it would be considered a stop over.

If you are having JFK-LAX outside of your RTW itinerary, it’ll be considered as a surface sector (probably considered a stopover too).

Disclaimer: I haven’t redeemed a Qantas Oneworld RTW before.