What are my best options for business credit/charge cards for a business annual revenue of $42k?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to apply for my first business credit card but our revenue hasn’t quite reached the $75,000 minimum requirement for most cards I’ve seen. The business is currently at $42,000 and growing and should reach this figure within the next 6 months. I was wondering if there are any options out there for businesses under the $75K mark but growing? Or would it be likely that credit card companies may look at a company’s growth and take that into account?

The 2 main purposes of this card would be to extract points from advertising spend and to help with cash flow as we grow.

Would love your input!


Try your relationship manager at your bank with the company account IMO. Think that’ll have the best chance.

Otherwise just get a personal card… That’s why I do and use it exclusively for business expenses… the point earn is also better on personal cards