What are minimum spend qualifying purchases / low fee purchases?

What are good qualifying purchases for credit cards? Can I just go out and buy $3,000 worth of gift cards online?
Also where are good places to make purchases that don’t charge credit card fees, or have low fees? I haven’t owned a credit card in years.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @kirk_brooks

I suspect you’re overthinking things…

Whatever you normally spend your money on, put it on your credit card. In the unlikely event that they charge a credit card surcharge, pay some other way.

If you’re close to reaching the cut-off date for spending the $3000 you need to spend, and you haven’t quite spent enough, then you could start thinking about buying gift cards.

Credit cards are great … just make sure you pay off the total in full, every month, to avoid being charged interest.


All the best!