Westpac Altitude black - is it possible to upgrade my approved application to the bigger bonus offer?


I applied, and was approved for, the Westpac Altitude black credit card. A day or so after I applied the deal for the credit card was improved by the tune of an extra 20k points. What I want to to know is, is there anyway I can jump up onto the better the deal?

Thanks in advance,


Short answer - no.

But you could always try ringing them up and asking? I doubt it if they would simply give you an extra 20K in points though. It hurts when this happens - it has happened to me once before. Good luck ringing them up, and report back here if they do offer you those 20K in points!

I was approved for the Westpac platinum version, the day after they increased the bonus points by 10k. I called to ask if they’d match it. It was a total run-around, I think I made five calls and spoke to eight different people. Eventually they apologised and I got 10k bonus points on my next statement.

It certainly helped that I’d kept an accurate record of who I called and when, it’s as though the points were given as an apology for the poor customer service, rather than for having missed the promotion.