Westpac Altitude Black bonus 100,000 points offer - Is there a way to check if 5,000 spots have been reached?

Hay all,

Thanks for the help just then and I’ve just been approved for Westpac’s Altitude black card, which took only less than 2 hours from start to finish being fully approved (been to branch to supply info).

I am very pleased so far with the level of efficiency and communication Westpac offers, however I would like to know more about the 100,000 bonus points offer.

I read and acknowledged that the bonus offer was limited to first 5,000 approved customers only, and that Point Hacks work closely with Westpac in keeping the site up to date with whether the 5,000 spots have been reached. Is there any way to find out this now that I have applied for it?

Reason being, if the extra 50,000 points are not honoured, it makes the card much less attractive for me, and would be very keen to know about the status of this.

Thanks in advance.



now that your application has been accepted, You can’t say “no I want to cancel and not pay the annual fee because I didn’t get 100,000 points” .

You’re obliged to pay the annual fee because it will be in your first statement

Hey there - I’ve been assured that we will get timely notice of when we are approaching the 5,000 applicant limit for this offer, and when we do so, we will of course stop promoting it. People who apply and are approved via the Westpac page which shows the 100,000 point offer should, if they meet the minimum spend criteria, receive the 100,000 bonus points.

So in case you’re concerned it’s about being one of the first 5,000 to meet the spend criteria to be awarded the points, that’s not how it works - eligibility for that is based on when you applied.

Any more questions, let us know!

Just a quick update on this offer - Westpac have now removed the 5,000 applicant restriction.