Was there a Velocity Amex Platinum 150,000 points signup offer in 2019?

Hi… I applied for the Amex Platinum Velocity card earlier in the year through advice from this site… At the time I am sure that the offer was 150,000 bonus points, but have been told by Amex that it was only 100,000… just wanting to check with other here if I am wrong and it was only 100,000 points, or I am being mislead and it was in fact 150,000. Thanks guys!

I don’t recall an offer over 100k points. If i missed it, that would’ve been a bummer!

I don’t know about the 150k signup offer (I would also be bummed if I’d missed that) but I just signed up for the 100k offer via a referral from my missus’ Amex Velocity account, and she gets 40k referral bonus which is then pooled back to me. So I’m only 10k out :slight_smile: