Was there a Amex Qantas Ultimate 150000 points offer which expired July 15 2019?

Hi all, I signed up for a new AMEX with the understanding there was a 150 000 bonus point offer which expired on July 15 2019 (or maybe July 17 - but somewhere in that week).
I believe this deal was on Point Hacks, but couldn’t find the old link.

Is this old link available anywhere?

Hi tmosey,

I have reached out to my colleagues and this was the response I got.

The offer for the Qantas Ultimate was a PH Exclusive 100,000 bonus Qantas Points which went live on 4 June and was supposed to end on 2 July but was extended until 15 July.

I don’t think we have ever had a 150K bonus offer on the Qantas Ultimate so they may be referring to another card/offer?

Here are some screenshots that got forwarded too.

Hope that helps.

Oh thanks!!! Based on this I must have been mistaken.
Thanks for reaching out.