Was the Amex/Etihad bonus transfer promo back in June only for American Amex members?

Hi Point Hacks,

June 2016 Amex and Etihad listed a 30% bonus transfer points promotion whereby 1000 Amex membership reward points + 1300 Etihad points.

We took advantage of this offer and transferred 150,ooo Amex points to Etihad , end result should have been 45,000 bonus Etihad points.

I have been chasing these bonus points with both parties, ( it’s been exhausting) with Amex finally getting back to me saying the promotion was only for American Amex members!!

I hope you can help to clarify whether this is correct or they’re throwing me a lowball. Amex has given me 2000 in lieu, feeling very frustrated with the whole exercise.

many thanks,

As far as I know, this promotion wasn’t for Australian members. I recall (but don’t hold me to this!) that I looked into it (as it would have been a great deal to write up for readers of the site) but that I couldn’t clearly see if it was for non-US residents or not, or we figured out that it wasn’t available to Australian members, so we passed on covering it.

That said, I do remember that the Etihad website wasn’t clear on this at all and that I originally thought it might have been eligible for more regions.

One Mile at a Time covered it here. The promo page they linked to has since changed to just be the standard offer page, but part of the problem is that the Amex site doesn’t clearly show what region you’re on. I would expect that that is what caught you out. Hopefully you get a better resolution somehow.

Hi Keith,

Many thanks for taking the time to investigate this further, it does seem that the offer may have been only for US citizens. Having said that, I believe that Amex should be more transparent on these offers and clearly state in their terms and conditions who is eligible amongst their cardholders worldwide.

This has certainly taught me to read ALL fine print and terms & conditions pertaining to  offers from now on.

Onward and upward!