Virgin Money High Flyer Credit Card - What are eligible transactions?

Dear Point Hacks,
I recently got the Virgin Money High Flyer card and I am trying to work out what I can use it for to maximise my points earn.

So, I look at the eligible transactions conditions - “Eligible Transactions means any retail purchase which is made by the use of a Card or any other means permitted by Us, excluding (but not limited to) transactions by way of Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Special Promotions, fees, BPAY payments, purchases of foreign currency and travellers cheques, foreign exchange and ATM/Bank charges, interest charges, finance charges, government charges, payments to the Australian Taxation Office, insurance charges, payments to loan accounts (mortgage etc), purchases in excess of limits on the Account and transactions made in operating a business.

Reading through the minefield of conditions, I cannot seem to find a more detailed definition of some of the excluded transactions - specifically fees, insurance charges and Government charges.

Does anyone have any experience with this card and these types of payments?

Does ‘insurance charges’ include payment of insurance premiums?
Are ‘Govt charges’ fines, fees, etc payable (like passport application) and does it also include Council rates, water rates, etc.
Any what are ‘fees’?


Hi Dave,

From my vague understanding, fees are generally bank fees (e.g. forex, late fees, interest, cash advance, etc.). Government payments are a mixed bag. Some insurance is categorised as government fees. Auspost charges are sometimes ‘government’. Maybe others can share their experience.

Best way to know is to experiment with a smaller amount and check the point earn. Once you know the multiplier, you can then action with more confidence.

Eligible transactions are 95% of most everyday transactions (e.g. buying a coffee from a cafe, shopping at supermarkets, paying for travel bookings, etc.) the list goes on.

The use of the term is generally to avoid you from paying 1 card with another or withdrawing cash from credit card, etc. to earn points.