Virgin Money card cancellation

I have just cancelled my Virgin Money CC, after a very long drawn out process…I just want to cancel and pay out the remaining balance but they kept trying to get me to keep the card and trying to confuse when the outstanding balance should be paid. I suspected they were up to something i.e. trying to extract more money from me. Finally, I was given a payout figure but decided to check the account to make sure it was correct. I found the payout figure was nearly $100 above the balance showing. I was told this was an interest charge which is automatically applied when a card is cancelled. I always pay the balance in full each month and it was nearly 3weeks to the next due date so I was being penalised for paying early…couldn’t believe it. Told them this is unethical and I would submit a complaint to the FS ombudsman. They hastily retreated and agreed that the interest should not be charged.
This post is for information only for any other Hackers who hold this card and are considering cancelling…be aware!

Thanks for the heads up, I have their High Flyer card and will keep a careful eye out if I end up cancelling it; the point earn is pretty good for a visa (1 velocity point/$), but with ANZ’s changes their ANZ Rewards Black would match it (2 rewards points/$ = 1 velocity point/$, more if you transfer when there’s a promotion on).