Velocity 100K American Express offer - Where are my points?

Hi there,

Hoping you can assist- I recently acquired the AMEX velocity card which had the bonus 100K velocity points offer, if you spend $1500 within first 3 months.

I have since done the spend, over two statement periods, however at the end of the 2nd statement period, I still have not received the 100K points, even though by the 2nd statement period I had triggered the $1500 spend criteria.

Any thoughts?

This is a quote from the T & Cs for the Amex Velocity Platinum card

‘Velocity Bonus Points will be awarded to the eligible Card Member’s account 8-10 weeks after the spend criteria has been met’

Not sure if it’s the same card you have but it probably has the same clause.

Amex are usually rather quick in creditting sign up bonus points, in my experience.

Ring them up and ask. Hopefully, it has got nothing to do with yout eligibility.

Good luck.