Using Rewardpay with the Amex Business Acclerator card to pay ATO - is this a better option than earning 0.5 point per dollar?

i have an amex business accelerator card and have paid the ATO with this card via rewardpay.
However i have now maxed out so am down to 1 point per $. Isn’t it still better for me to get this rather than paying the ATO directly with amex and then get only 0.5 point per $

Yes but either way you need to calculate your points per dollar figure and see if you are happy with it.

I would not use it at 1ppt/$1 as that is some very expensive points!

your calculations with regards to ATO direct via amex & ato via rewardpay are spot on. I’m not sure about the qantas cash card so cannot help.

there are ways to earn 2pt/$1 uncapped via amex (by linking your rewards programs) and then reward pay is definitely worth it in my opinion.