Transfer rate issue with CitiRewards online facility - any other way to transfer points?

June 8, 2017
Hi Keith
As at Tuesday this week (June 6 2017), Citibank’s online points transfer function shows the transfer rate for CitiRewards points to either Velocity Rewards or KrisFlyer Rewards at 2.5 CitiRewards points per Velocity or KrisFlyer point.
But that rate of 2.5:1 is not supposed to start until next week (June 15). I rang Citibank and was told it must be a system error. But it still hasn’t been fixed and I was told I could only make the transfers online. What should I do? Thanks Graham Hunter

It seems ok for me on Prestige. Maybe you have a different Citi product with diff xfer rates?

Yes, I have CitiRewards via a Citibank Visa Signature Card.  But the points rate change date is the same for both, according to the brochure they sent me a month or so ago.