Thoughts on the AMA Platinum AMEX card?

Hi, points hacks. I just wanted some advice. My current goal is to fly from Sydney to London return in business class in early 2019 using Qantas FF points. I currently have 150,000 points from signing up for the Westpac Frequent Flyer Black and ANZ Qantas black cards (both annual fees waved). I am a member of the AMA and have never owned a charge card. The AMA has a discounted annual fee for AMEX cards and I was wondering if the AMEX platinum card would be a wise next step given that the annual fee has been reduced to $950 ( I would say I’m an average flyer (2-3 domestic flights a year and 1-2 international flights a year) and spender, although I do spend a lot on personal development and college fees (up to $30,000 last calendar year). Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

I would go for it.  I’ve got the regular version of this card and it’s great.  Based on what you’ve written, I think you would get your money back out of the card with relative ease.

Call American Express and confirm that this AMA version of the card would still be eligible for the “Complimentary Companion Card” (American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card).  That extra card, which will have the annual fee waived every year you hold the Platinum Charge Card, will get you a $400 travel credit.  Along with the $300 travel credit that comes with the Platinum Charge Card, that’s $700 of travel, so you’re already down to paying $250.

With all of the other benefits that come with this card, most of which I’m sure you’re already aware of, I can’t see how you could go wrong.

One last thing…  Do you know anyone who already holds this card?  The link says you’ll get 100,000 point sign up bonus, however using someone’s referral to the regular version of this card would net you 110,000 points.  I’m just guessing, but perhaps if you used someone’s referral link for the AMA version, you’d get 110,000 AND the lower annual fee.  Worth a try?

Thanks so much for your response hindzey, I think I’m convinced! I gave them a call and it’s essentially the same card bar for the AMA logo and reduced annual fee, so the reserve companion card is complimentay as well. Alas, I do not know anyone with the card that could refer to me!