Thoughts on the $400 Amex Explorer annual travel credit bonus?

Hi All, trying to find something worth spending the $400 Amex Explorer annual bonus on. Anyone found any overlooked ‘gems’ ex Sydney for $400?

The fine print is that it is a credit useful only against Amex travel online , which is actually not like other online hotel or flight sites as I had thought, meaning sadly that the range is severely limited and prices crazily high. The rates are so unrealistic that its a disincentive to actually book anything more than the credit amount itself.

Keith if you can pass this on to Amex as I’m wondering why they bother - hard to see the site making any money.

Hi thu80

I do agree that their prices are not competitive and it’s disappointing when searching for flight bookings. You’re not limited to using it just for flights, it can be used for car rental and accommodation. Recently we used it for a one nighter at the Shangri La Sydney and that was reasonable value. We’ll soon be in Tasmania for a week and will use it for car rental. The rates are only a few bucks per day higher than on other sites so the $400 credit will be well utilized.

Thanks you. it was more the limited range - eg wanted to buy some opera tickets etc

We used our travel credit for car hire in Barcelona earlier this year.

I found their prices reasonable compared to the rest of the market that I checked before booking.