Swapping or cancelling an ANZ Rewards Platinum card

Hey guys,

So I was planning to swap from the ANZ Rewards Platinum (RP) to the ANZ Travel Adventures (TA) card as was after a card that had: no international transaction fees; and could work with Apple Pay.

So I called up today, but they were pretty unhelpful. I found the TA card offer on this website (40,000 velocity points for new members) which was great. The restrictions only excluded ANZ transfers and people who already had that specific card in the past 12mo.

When I called up, I was going to cancel my RP and potentially resubscribe to the new TA card to take advantage. However my rollover date was 3 days ago (so I’ll lose that money). On top of that, the rep said that the offer doesn’t exist (even after I offered to send her the link), and that “offers you found on other sites that aren’t visible on the ANZ homepage have expired”. Seemed like BS as there is no mention of an expiry on the offer page, and I can easily click to sign up online. It seemed like she was going to see if she could still offer the points if I transferred (which would have been ideal), but as she couldn’t find the promo (and believed it ineligible regardless) I’ll never know.

So my questions:

  1. Is there a cooling off period for reward program renewals? Can I still get out of this and cancel the card without loosing the $150 in fees.

  2. How do I convince her that the offer is real?



It says in the T&C that you are eligible for the signup bonus if you have not hold a ANZ card in the last 12 months.

The refund of the annual fee is at the bank/agent’s discretion. If you wish to, you can try and hang up and call again.

If you can’t convince them of a deal you can see over the phone, you may have to do so at a branch.