Subjective question - should I use some points for redeeming headphones?

I know it is a common joke to convert your points for a toaster…

I am planning to buy a high-end pair of noise-cancelling headphones mainly for work and other times that I would like to disconnect from the world.

I am looking at the sony wh-1000xm4, which costs around $340.

I am due to a bonus from St George, and I can redeem them for 78k Amplify points.

At the moment I am sitting on around 460k with Velocity, planning to redeem a Business class trip to Israel whenever that’ll be available.

I can do the math with the worth of a point etc, but atm I have a good balance (I will have 484k for a J return for 2 to Israel). I am also thinking maybe I will have enough to get one of the ways in F, or adding more flights.

What would you do?

Pay cash- If they are mainly for work there may be a deduction which effectively lowers the cash purchase price?

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