Strategies for meeting minimum spend on new credit card for bonus points?

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions regarding meeting minimum spend for a new credit card:

  1. Does anyone know any stores in Australia that you can purchase products through with a credit card (to reach the minimum spend requirement with your credit card, hence receiving frequent flyer bonus points), that are happy to issue a refund either in cash or to a different card than the one that was used for the initial purchase?

  2. Anyone know how to buy prepaid VISA cards (or equivalent) with a credit card, without incurring the $5-10 fee for the prepaid card?



Your best bets for meeting minimum spend are:

  1. Prepay your health insurance.

  2. Buy gift cards for your grocery store of choice (Coles/Woolworths); you’d end up spending enough there anyway, so it’s zero loss.

  3. Wait for promos where the ‘purchase fee’ is waived for EFTPOS/VISA/MasterCard gift card purchases.

I got lucky at Bunnings once, was able to purchase on an AMEX and get it refunded to an entirely separate Visa, however I’m not sure if this is standard procedure or not, the person processing the refund didn’t seem especially knowledgeable or competent.

As mentioned, see if you can pre-pay any health insurance or mobile phone bills etc, otherwise see if your parents or friends are happy for you use your card for some purchases and then reimburse you. That is the strategy I would take if I was in your position.