Status poor, Points rich - what to do with Qantas international award seats drought?

Every year we fly Brisbane-Denver (BNE-DEN) with Qantas Frequent Flyer end of December and return in February. I get seats a year ahead. This year there is no availability, but for through Hong Kong on Cathay. Is it true that Bronze members no longer have access to international seats? Should I start moving my points to Virgin or Air NZ?


Have you checked departing from SYD, MEL or arriving in other Qantas serving US airports? What classes and number of passengers are you after? Dec is peak season as you know it. You have to be flexible because the flying kangaroo is very sought after. Good luck.

I’m having the same issue. AA release flights daily between Sydney and LAX …BUT…when you go to book them it says no availability. It’s been happening daily, today I was refreshing constantly and got them as soon as they appeared for 20/12/17, did the booking through to processing and get the same error message that seats weren’t available. Really frustrating. Qantas advise it’s a lag between AA and Qantas booking systems.

I’m looking at all other options, via Melbourne, Brisbane, linking through NZ, Hong Kong, Nadi all cost more and don’t line up ie needing to overnight or more in those cities.


If anyone has some advice for this FF newbie I’d be very grateful.

I can only suggest persevering with checking everyday or be flexible with your routing and dates.

Try all routes to USA:


Try for 1 passenger as a start and secure it if available. You can always change it for relatively low costs.

You have to understand there are many people (possibly with higher FF status) out there wanting the same thing as you. Supply is low and demand is always high for award seats to USA.

Good luck.

I’ve tried Syd, Mel, Bne, looking for 3 economy class. Wondering if I should grab the Syd-Auckland-LAX combo and spend a couple of nights in Auckland.